Designing Apps for Kids – Best Practices

The process of developing apps is usually complex. It involves a number of stages for planning and execution. It gets more complicated when the target market is the current generation of children. Designing Kids apps introduce a lot more new...

/ March 21, 2017

Prototyping – Fake it to Make it Big

Speed is one thing that the mobile industry embodies through and through. From the continued growth of the market to the desired speed of applications as well as phones. This speedy industry is also hasty in the discovery and consumption...

/ January 9, 2017
mobile-application savah

Prototyping for Web and Mobile Apps, Why Bother Now?

This is the question that is repeated again and again, in the workplace. Designers, design agencies and businesses are concurrently designing web and mobile apps but the problem is, issues get highlighted when it is too late, products have been built...

/ November 3, 2016

What's New: Introducing Unlimited Teams

In the past few weeks we’ve made it possible for you to create ‘Unlimited Teams’. This feature should help you to organise people and projects within different teams. We also realised that creating projects within teams helps to speed up managing projects...

/ August 16, 2015

How Simple Prototyping Platforms Can Win More Clients?

The buzz word surrounding app development now seems to be ‘prototype’ as businesses and app designers strive to find a way to design a mock-up app. It’s difficult for clients to understand exactly how their app will work without seeing...

/ August 11, 2015
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Meet Savah App at TNW Conference 2015

Drum Roll Please! We are super excited to be exhibiting at the TNW conference. Savah is one of the top tier start-ups that have been hand-picked to participate in the conference. The Conference will be held in Amsterdam on the...

/ March 19, 2015
Savah App

Top 10 Evaluation Criteria when Selecting a Prototyping Tool

Interactive prototyping for web and mobile apps is very important and has grown significantly over the past decade. There are many prototyping tools to choose from and this provides design agencies, designers, entrepreneurs and businesses with more options. To make...

/ March 6, 2015

Why Should Digital Agencies Integrate Prototyping?

Businesses and Digital Agencies are one of the most dynamic fast-paced working environments. This in itself brings about many demands and challenges where no two days are the same. On a typical day agencies work really hard to win clients...

/ February 3, 2015
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Why is a Design Collaboration Tool Essential to your Design Flow?

We understand the need of a design collaboration tool to engage, brainstorm, document decisions, to resolve conflict and to track progress. Your user interface of your web or mobile app is the most important element of your product to get...

/ January 7, 2015
savah Interactive Prototypes

Build Better and Real Interactive Prototypes

  Build Click-Through Prototypes All over the world the importance of click-through prototypes for building better and real interactive prototypes are growing and becoming more and more popular amongst UI and UX designers. Click through prototypes allow everyone to think...

/ December 11, 2014