Build Click-Through Prototypes

All over the world the importance of click-through prototypes for building better and real interactive prototypes are growing and becoming more and more popular amongst UI and UX designers. Click through prototypes allow everyone to think through complex flows without getting bugged down in layers of code. This is why this trend is popular for designers, entrepreneurs, startups and even for brands for improving their web and mobile apps. Thus, interactive prototyping and design collaboration tools like Savah App are nowadays all the hype and this trend is here to stay.

Edit Directly on Design Screens

Before a designer passes on his/her work it makes sense to do some interactive prototypes and editing directly on the design screens before any coding begins. In this way, all key players are involved in the communication loop to create, review and refine. These tools make their lives much easier saves them much needed time, simplifies their communication and increases their productivity. This is why; this trend is here to stay. Whether the design team is designing a website, web app or a mobile app they need to find a win/win solution for themselves and their client.

Track Feedback

Thus, design is about making choices and finding the best possible solution. Like this, interactive prototyping and communication tools inform the design thinking process and help designers communicate and track feedback with the client right from day one to meet their requirements select the best solution for them and more importantly their end users. Thus, direct communication on the design screen through interactive prototype allows the design team/clients to play with different designs version and uncover possible issues without spending much time in coding and design.

As too often these issues get realised when it is too late, products have been built and money, time has been wasted resulting in unhappy clients, designers and team. But testing these designs on an interactive prototype to get feedback from your team and clients these issues would be easy and simple to identify at an early stage. Making it even more important for designers and digital agencies to find a prototyping and communication tool that works for them.

Try ‪SavahApp ‪Free @ to create your own interactive prototypes for web and mobile. Let your ‪design ‪creativity flourish, We are a collaborative platform that streamlines feedback right to your design screen that allows designers to create high-fidelity prototypes for web and mobile apps without writing a single line of code. SavahApp is a new approach that puts you in control and makes your life easier and saves you much needed time. Resulting in Happy Designers and Customers.

Posted by Carmel