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What's New: Introducing Unlimited Teams

What's New: Introducing Unlimited Teams

Savah App Team

In the past few weeks we’ve made it possible for you to create ‘Unlimited Teams’. This feature should help you to organise people and projects within different teams. We also realised that creating projects within teams helps to speed up managing projects and there it is not anymore required to send invites for projects to team members. This is one great feature of our series of introducing new features over the next few months.

1- Create Teams to Organise People

Create a new team from the team page and then simply send invites to your colleagues and clients. You can enter multiple-emails at once to send invites. You can set people permissions (like managers, collaborators and reviewers) when sending invites. These people will have a different level of access based their account type. Even better, you can also invite people into individual projects.


2- Create Projects within Teams

Next, create your projects within teams by selecting any team from the drop-down team list. The project will be created within the selected team and every member (based on their permissions) within the team have a access to this project.


Pro Tip: If you would like to move your existing collaborators and projects into teams let us know.

Bug Fixes and Other Features
  • Set user permissions when sending invites
  • Zoom-in and Zoom-out design screens
  • PDF export with commenting
  • Grid view to view all design screens on the screen page
  • Improved getting user-feedback screen

Stay in touch:

We look forward to share many of new features and updates we are currently working on.  Keep an eye on our blog and Twitter for the updates. Finally, if you have any feedback on Savah app, or have any feature requests you would like to see in Savah App, please let us know at

New Feature – Organise Design Screens and Documents

New Feature – Organise Design Screens and Documents


We are thrilled to announce that SavahApp has released two new features for organising project files. These are really simple to use and will add value to your design collaboration. As our community grows we have loved listening to our users on how we can improve your experience.

Here you go, two of your suggestions ready and implemented and ready for your verdict:

‘Sections’ and ‘Folders’. Let’s start with sections:

If you have not yet noticed next time you login to SavahApp please check out our new feature called Sections. Users (existing and new) can create new sections with one click. Once you have created your section you can simply drag and drop your design screens into any section that you wish. This will lead to users having better array of your projects and ultimately this feature will allow you to do away with a cluttered home page. Thus, keeping everything simple and clutter-free.


We have tried to make your life simpler by redesigning our document tab, which now enables you to organise your documents into separate folders. You can simply create a new folder to manage your project design specifications, client briefs and so on. These folders will also help you to maintain different project releases and aid in your design handovers.

By organising your project files into folders this reduces your confusion and allows you to spend more time with your projects rather than organising your files.

Please take a quick spin and let us know which next features you would like us to release? Help us to decide what to implement next?


Sync Design Screens with Dropbox

Sync Design Screens with Dropbox



We are very excited to share with you our new feature that we have just launched.

You can now sync your designs screens with your Dropbox account. All that is required is that you can setup your Dropbox account and you are set to go. You can select any design screens from your dropbox and continue to work. You don’t need to upload your design screens again and again. Savah App is clever that it picks up your changes from your Dropbox whenever you make any changes to that particular design screen. We feel that this is an really awesome feature because now you don’t need to upload your design screens manually for any changes.

But if you don’t have Dropbox don’t worry you can still continue to use our browse files or Drag & Drop any design screens from your computer and upload them to Savah App.

We are currently looking to integrate other cloud storages so please let us know what storage you use or would like us to integrate next. We very much welcome user feedback and suggestions. We are proud to be working concurrently on your feedback & suggestions.

Please click here to leave your feedback and suggestions.

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Welcome to Savah App, Design Collaboration and Prototyping Made Simple and Easy

Welcome to Savah App, Design Collaboration and Prototyping Made Simple and Easy

Savah-App-home Savah App Home Page Welcome to Savah App, Design Collaboration and Prototyping Made Simple and Easy

We are delighted to announce the launch of our new platform specifically engineered for startups, designers, creative teams and their clients.

We are a collaborative tool that streamlines communication between you, your design team and your clients. With Savah App you can upload and share all your projects and obtain effective visual feedback/comments on your designs from your team and clients. Making your team more productive. Savah App is a new approach that puts you in control and makes your life easier and saves you much needed time. Savah App is a safe and secure platform that will give you and your team the wow factor to your clients. We would like to offer a no-obligation 60-day unlimited-use free trial to our platform. No credit card required. Just complete the sign up process on our website and you’re in! Once you have signed up. There is no catch; it’s just a 60-day free trial. Of course, you can cancel at anytime. After the trial is ended you can upgrade, downgrade or if you wish cancel your account. For more information, please visit and join our responsive revolution and get your creative design team and clients all together.