Communicate with your team and client right on your designs

How many times have you had numerous meetings with your colleagues and clients??? And you made ‘as you thought at the time’, detailed notes on their feedback and suggestions. Not even mentioning the trail of email communication between you, your colleagues and clients. But left alone you are confused. You have emails; notes on pieces of paper, your designs and you are trying to implement everyone’s feedback. But you are just getting more confused and wanting to pull your hair out. You feel that you will never complete your deadlines and ‘time is ticking away before that handover meeting.’

All that now is in the past… Calling all start-ups, designers, creative teams and their clients to Try for free and turn that confusion into productive, creative design. Design Collaboration and Prototyping Made Simple. ‘Savah’ is a new approach that puts you in control and makes your life easier and saves you much needed time. A secure platform that will give you and your team the WOW factor to your clients.

With Savah you can effortlessly invite your design team and clients to your projects where they can review and contribute. Savah lets teams and clients add annotations and discussion threads on the same scream, making it much easier to perfect your project. With quick and improved visual feedback on your designs from your team and clients, this will help you to get your designs perfected and approved super fast. Saving you much needed time. Savah puts you in the driving seat.

It’s free to get started and will always be free. We would like to offer you a no-obligation 30-day unlimited-use free trial for any of our paid packages. No credit card required. Just complete the sign-up process on our website and you’re in!

For more information, please visit and join our responsive revolution and get your creative design team and clients altogether.

Posted by Savah Team