We understand the need for a design collaboration tool to engage, brainstorm, document decisions, to resolve conflict and to track progress. The user interface of your web or mobile app is the most important element of your product to get right. Thus, the need to dispose of design assumptions and ambiguity is forefront. A click-through high-fidelity prototype takes the guess work out and replaces it with a fully functional prototype that you can test ‘how your app will work and feel like’.

All of us have awesome ideas on what a product should look and feel like but in reality, those ideas/thoughts have turned out to be, not so good when we have them in front of us. But all too often we spend a lot of money and time before we realise these issues and by this time, the product has been built and then we need to spend more money and time fixing these issues. But the big but is if we were testing these design ideas on an interactive prototype from day one these issues could be picked up straight away and valuable feedback was given.

Keeping all Design Collaboration on the Design Screen

Too often, designers are getting puzzled with design feedback, comments and changes coming from their team and clients from multiple channels. Designers, clients and users can create, review and refine their design prototypes in mere minutes. Rather than iterating the product via email, talking on the phone or through face-to-face meetings by creating a prototype on Savah App users can iterate the design right on the design screen saving them much needed time. In this way, clients the design team can visually see and get a sense of how the product would work in real life. Making it much easier for all parties involved to tweak and refine the design screens.


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Long Emails and Specification Documents?

Prototypes can be easily passed on to all team members, potential end-users and to the client’s stakeholders instead of sending a large specification document outlining all the planned stages in its place they can focus and experience first hand the user journey. In this way, they can change early on before lots of time and money has been spent. With Savah you can understand how your user interacts and uses the web or mobile app. It is much simpler to illustrate to your team the web or mobile app that is interactive and functions like a real app rather than trying to communicate it to them via e-mail, Skype or even over face-to-face meetings.

Experience like a Real App

Experience the user journey from beginning to end rather than basing the user journey on individual design screens. In this way, the functionality of click-through prototyping permits the design team to capture and acquire a better understanding of the end version of the full app right from day one without any coding taking place. It breathes life into your designs.

A click-through prototype helps designers and teams link several screens together using hotspots and templates. These are screen areas that once interacted with a tap or click forwards the user to the target screen. Anyone screen on the web or mobile app may have multiple hotspots to other screens. Templates undoubtedly help the team to speed up the process of creating hotspots as once set up they are automatically added and can be reused on some or all of the other screens depending upon the user specification. Creating hotspots and templates is a breeze. Thus, this allows the team to easily put together complex flows without having to focus on interactivity. Thanks to the many design collaboration tools already in the market bringing your web or mobile app to life could not be simpler. The design team and client stakeholders also can compare their design screens side-by-side, in this way, it provides them with a much-detailed view but also helps to validate and finalise the web or mobile app designs much sooner with ease and with step-by-step design history.

SavahApp provides a design collaboration tool for designers to communicate in real-time, keeping everything simple and clutter-free. So go ahead and let your design creativity flourish. Sign up today Free.

Posted by Carmel