The buzzword surrounding app development now seems to be ‘prototype’ as businesses and app designers strive to find a way to design a mock-up app. It’s difficult for clients to understand exactly how their app will work without seeing an example on a screen in front of them. But how is that beneficial for the designer? They can’t spend hours creating and coding an app for a presentation or demonstration, only to be turned down and paid nothing for the time and effort.

This challenge has made the way for simple prototype platforms which are really easy to learn. App prototyping platforms such as Savah App allow designers and agencies to create a fully functioning example of an app, in hardly any time at all, to show to prospective clients. Sound useful? Here are just a few of the benefits…

Save time – don’t code

With platforms such as Savah, you don’t have to write one single line of code. If you spent time coding an example app for each and every prospective client, you’d probably go bankrupt – it’s just not feasible as it is time-consuming and you’re essentially working for free. Save time by producing a prototype which you can click-through, with no coding needed. With less time spent on coding, you can keep development and payroll costs low, which leads to a leaner, more efficient business.

It’s not a huge investment

You’d be forgiven for thinking that such a prototyping platform would be out of your budget. However, many of these tools on the market offer low cost subscriptions or even free versions. This means you have the potential to win a lot more clients with no initial investment. Take the time to discover the true price and you’ll find that micro and small business are well served – great news if you are on a budget and need tangible ROI.

Engage more clients by showing, not telling

The effectiveness of an interactive, engaging prototype should not be underestimated. Your client will fully understand how their app will work and what it will look like to users. Showing them is usually much more successful than telling them, and in this digital age, it is simply not enough to show static image of home pages or flick through a bog standard Powerpoint presentation with a sitemap.

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As you can see, using a prototyping app platform is a win-win situation. You’ll save precious time in the sample design stage, and end up securing more clients because you can effectively show them a mock-up of their app they can get excited about. If you can win more clients by using a free or low cost tool which is going to allow you to work smarter, then why wouldn’t you?

What do you think? Does creating prototypes for your web/mobile apps helps you to win more clients? I’d be interested to hear your thoughts on this in the comments below, please.

Posted by Athar Majeed

Co-Founder for Savah App.