Biggest Technology Event

Reflecting upon our busy three days at the Web Summit Dublin. This conference is Europe’s biggest technology event and one of the biggest in the world it attracts the world’s best and inspiring entrepreneurs. Tuesday morning we had lift off the ringing of the opening bell of the New York’s Nasdaq Stock Exchange. This year the Web Summit went from strength to strength with 22,000 attendees, 1,500 volunteers, 108 staff and contractors from all over the world. Each day, we started with a strong cup of coffee and then we were ready to be inspired and to talk to as many people as possible. This year, the conference was spread over two huge sites the RDS and Simmonscourt. For me the conference brought together great minds, start-ups, investors, entrepreneurs and provided ample networking opportunities all under one roof. The Summit was divided over 10 summits (these being the Builders, Enterprise, Machine, Marketing, Investors, Surf, Sport, Music, Fringe, and the Night).

Networking with Startups

Over the three days, we met many cool and inspiring start-ups from all over the world. All these start-ups were arranged in the following three categories Alpha, Beta and Start. This made it easy to understand the level of trading they were operating under. It was great to learn about all the different products and services that were available in the market, which would not have been as easy without the Web Summit. During the time, we spent walking around talking to the entrepreneurs exchanging business cards and scheduling many follow up meetings. For us, generally our goal was to network and build relationships with as many people as possible as every second counts. We had a lot of ground to cover over the three days.

Entrepreneurial Success Stories

Inspirational presentations from leading serial entrepreneurs like Peter Thiel and Mark Pincus in the tech industry was one of the highlights of this year’s Web Summit. These speakers provided food for thought and thought provoking questions to keep your entrepreneurial energy thriving. The Summit came to an end on Thursday evening with an exploding finale, on the main stage the final panel included Bono (founder of U2), Dana Brunetti, Eric Wahlforss, David Carr and Bill McGlashan. The main stage was full to capacity we were lucky to get a seat in the main arena. Not forgetting, the food summit that was delicious and it was a privilege to sample Ireland’s finest foods.


Making new friends, catching up with old and putting a face to a logo was great and also priceless because we don’t take time out of our busy lives to be able to do this. So the Web Summit provided us with a base where we could take stock and understand what the rest of the tech world was up to, plus have fun and enjoy ourselves.

On a final note, it was definitely the place to be, to promote your business, meet inspiring entrepreneurs, listen and learn from experts in the field and plunge into the tech world. Record crowds ascended on Dublin over the three days. The atmosphere was electric it was great to have so many entrepreneurial people all in one place. We met a lot of social savvy entrepreneurs and learnt a lot. For us the Web Summit is all about networking, collaborating and building lifelong relationships. The Web Summit is unquestionably where the tech world met last week. Thank you guys for organising such a great event. We hope to see you next year at the Dublin Web Summit 2015. Congratulations and well done to all who were involved.

Posted by Carmel