Businesses and Digital Agencies are one of the most dynamic fast-paced working environments. This in itself brings about many demands and challenges where no two days are the same. On a typical day agencies work really hard to win clients going above and beyond their call of duty to build trust and long-term relationships. Validation of client’s designs is forefront. Both clients and consumers expectations have grown resulting in more pressure on agencies to go the extra mile to win new clients. Winning a web or mobile app from a potential client has become more dependent on tangible demonstrations. Clients are bored of long specification and long-winded documents. Clients instead want to understand and visualise how their end-users will interact with and use the web or mobile app they want to build step-by-step.

How to win more Clients?

But currently agencies are working too hard trying to win new clients. They are in and out of face-to-face meetings trying to earn client confidence alongside making sure projects and deliverable progress are ready on time before the next meeting. It even gets more complicated to produce documents for user interaction and user experience. The problem is that nobody wants to read these documents but would rather interact and test the web or mobile app itself. With every meeting comes new ideas/changes, which means another design version. Managing these versions becomes a chore especially if the project vision and scope was not clear from the beginning. This all becomes time consuming and confusing for all parties. This is the main reason digital agencies integrate prototyping to win more clients.

How to work smarter?

Savah-Build-designWorking hard is essential but at the same time working smarter is what really matters the most. What are the rewards for agencies to incorporate prototyping into their day-to-day work?

A Prototype allows everyone to be involved smartly from day one in rapidly exploring options and validating design in line with user interaction. An interactive click-through prototype gives us a true likeness of what the final web or mobile app will work and feel like.

Click-through prototyping gives teams more autonomy to experiment without the fear of getting it wrong. In this way, teams become more resourceful and inquisitive as well as much more comfortable with ambiguity and imperfection. Thus, ideas for web and mobile apps are shared more courageously, simulating the flow of the user experience, as with prototyping it is cheap to fail. Thus, prototypes are great for pitching and selling reducing the need for long specification documents. There are some great prototyping tools like Savah to choose from and this provides agencies and businesses with more options to explore a ways to work smarter to get more things done.

Posted by Athar Majeed

Co-Founder for Savah App.